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Previous Asia Days

Get an impression of what previous Asia Days have been like. First held in 2016, Asia Days has evolved and grown with each new generation of organizers. Originally being held over a duration of two days, the immense demand has allowed us to stretch the conference to a total of three days and thus offer a more diverse and well-rounded program. 

Asia Days 2023 Events

Look at our past events of the Asia Days of 2023 to see what you could expect to come in  2024!

Asia Days 2023 Gallery

Experience the Asia Days of 2023 through the amazing memories:

Asia Days 2022 Movie

Watch the video for an even more in-depth feeling of the Asia Days:

Radio Interview 2023

Consider listening in on the Radio Interview that the President and Head of Marketing of Asia Days at the time held with Toxic FM in 2023, as they were being interviewed about organizing the Asia Days.

Older Asia Days

If you want to experience even more about the past Asia Days, scroll through the following pictures and immerse yourself:

Asia Days 2022

Asia Days 2021 Online

Asia Days 2020

Asia Days 2019

Asia Days 2018

Asia Days 2017

"The Asia Days provided me with an interesting new perspective on the Asian continent!"

Sabrina Domenig, Participant of the Asia Days 2022